Make Plans to Attend the 5th Annual Stroud Foundation 5K

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Make Plans to Attend the 5th Annual Stroud Foundation 5K

Looking for a race that’s both fun and contributes to an amazing cause? If so, then the fifth annual Stroud Foundation 5K should definitely be on your calendar of events. It’s a quick race and promises to be a morning full of fun, and the proceeds from entrance fees all go toward ensuring that the Stroud Foundation is able to continue its work of providing help and hope to children in the DC area struggling with learning disabilities.

What’s It About?

The Stroud Foundation 5K is a road race of just over three miles. It begins at Fletcher’s Boat House, and racers will reach Georgetown, and then head back to the starting point. Entry is $50 per individual, or $100 per family. However, the race begins on National Park land, so all funds must be collected before the race begins – you’ll need to preregister and pay at that time. Registration ends April 17, 2015, and you can get your name in right on the Stroud Foundation’s website (

When Is It?

The Stroud Foundation is held on Saturday, April 18th, and it is a rain or shine event. Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of physical fitness, running ability or condition. Run, walk, jog or roll your way from Fletcher’s Boat House to Georgetown and back, and support this worthy cause.

What’s Included in the Price?

For your entry fee, you’ll receive a commemorative t-shirt (available only to preregistered racers), as well as entry to the race. In addition, you’ll be able to listen to Dr. Joseph Novello as he addresses the assembly before the race begins.


The sign-in process begins at 7 am, at Fletcher’s Boat House. At 7:45 am, Dr. Joseph Novello will address the racers. The race begins promptly at 8 am, and it ends at 9 am. It’s an entire day of enjoyment packed into two hours, so come prepared.

Information for First-Time Racers

If you’ve never run a 5K before, you’re in for a wonderful time. Unlike what you might think, 5K races aren’t about endurance. They’re really more about getting out and doing something active, supporting causes, and just having fun. They’re not particularly long (5 kilometers is just over 3 miles), and they can be completed at a run, a jog, a walk or any other pace you’re comfortable with.

It’s recommended that you wear comfortable clothing for the race – running shorts and a breathable shirt are definite “musts”. You’ll also need the right footwear. Good, supportive running shoes should be worn, as well as appropriate socks (running-specific socks help wick away sweat, eliminating foot slide and the chance of developing blisters during the run).

Running on a full stomach is generally not a good idea, so it’s recommended that you eat a light breakfast beforehand. You’ll have plenty of appetite afterward for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

The fifth annual Stroud Foundation 5K supports a great cause, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Have you got your entry in yet?

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