5 Reasons Buyers Need an Agent

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5 Reasons for buyer Representation by a qualified, experienced realtor®:

  • Negotiating terms and conditions of a real estate purchase contract with your interests in mind
  • Preparing written offers and counteroffers to the sellers
  • Promoting your interests
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information
  • Accounting for any money received in which you have an interest

buyer representation:what do they do & how do they get paid?

Buyers are well served by being represented in their real estate transactions by an experienced and qualified real estate professional who keeps up with ever-changing laws affecting real estate and real estate transactions, as well as being an expert on the real estate market. Typically, your buyer agent is paid his or her professional fee at the time of settlement from the proceeds of the sale. The brokerage fee is then divided by the brokerage firms representing the parties to the seller and buyer agents.

  • Typically broker professional fees are paid by the sellers at the time of settlement, however, buyer agency agreements can be written in many ways, depending upon the degree of representation the buyer
  • Only showing you properties that meet your specific needs that you can afford
  • Your agent is looking out for only your interests & will negotiate┬áthe best deal possible for you
  • Keeping your closing on track by coordinating & scheduling details like inspections and other closing details
  • Being “on call” to answer questions you may have about your pending real estate transaction

We only work with buyers and are committed to helping them find, negotiate and purchase the right house for them. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having your own representation!” – Orlando buyers agent Eve Alexander



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