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High Quality Real Estate in the Washington, DC Metro area

Throughout the Northern Virginia, Metro Maryland and Washington DC areas there is an abundance of luxury high quality real estate. Throughout this blog article we will touch on these areas and the specific subdivisions within each that have been specifically built for the more affluent demographic. We will walk you through these subdivisions and discuss specific statistics of the neighborhoods in the area. We will also take you back in time to review the amazing history that is speckled throughout the area, dating back to when our founding fathers walked this same land. Sit back relax and make sure that your seatbelt is fastened tight because this is going to be one great informative article you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on.

Here are some amazing areas we  and neighborhoods we highly recommend you consider if you’re in the Washington, DC Metro Area luxury market:

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All of the above areas are highly desirable and the local schools rank off the charts. If you’re moving to the area we highly recommend you start your search here.

Washington DC History

We’re going to start out in the heart of it all, Washington, DC. This land or ‘territory’ is known as the ‘District of Columbia,’ named after the famous Christopher Columbus who founded the ‘new world’ some 300 years prior to our founding father’s naming this district after him. The ‘district’ piece is unique because Washington is not just your normal ‘city’ like Leesburg or Alexandria, Washington the city is not part of a state. Due to the city’s uniqueness and it having no association to a specific state, it was named a ‘district’ of the entire country. The famous George Washington always referred to this city as ‘Federal city’ due to the major federal association this area has governing the entire country.

Metro Maryland Luxury Real Estate

If living in Washington, DC doesn’t fancy you our next area might be a good fit. Next on our list of top luxury real estate is the Metro Maryland area. Within Metro Maryland there are 3 top cities that are just about an hour away from the DC metro area that we recommend for luxury real estate and those are: Potomac, Chevy Chase and Bethesda. Below we have shared with you the top sub-division within these three areas that we recommend you look at for luxury real estate:

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Outside of Maryland, Northern Virginia has an abundance of luxury real estate that is still within reach of commuters driving to work in Washington, DC. Within Northern Virginia we recommend three cities above the rest for ideal luxury real estate and those three cities are: Alexandria, Great Falls and McLean. Below we have bulleted a few sub-divisions in each of these areas that are highly desirable:

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  • Beacon Hill11

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  • Home35

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We hope this article was a good starting point for you on your journey to a beautiful new luxury home. Let us at Premier Team guide you to your perfect luxury home! The recommended areas above are based off of years of real estate experience in the luxury market throughout this sought after area. If you or someone you know is looking to buy, sell or invest in luxury real estate around the Metro Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC area we would love to buy you or your friend a cup of coffee and offer our professional expertise.

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Luxury Real Estate Washington DC Metro Area


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