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Right now, spacious homes are available and are trending. Depending on where you search, 5-bedroom homes can range from $200,000 to over $1,00,000! Why the price variance? Well, location factors into the pricing. So does the condition of the home. The style of construction and amenities built into the home can also cause the price to be higher or lower compared to other properties on the market. The northern Virginia, DC and Maryland area is in high demand, especially for homes with more than the typical 2-3 bedrooms. There is a considerable demand for property here. That means that finding just the right home at the right price can be a bit of a challenge. The good news is that I am here to help! I can show you what is available in places like Aldie, Pursellville, Middleburg or any of the surrounding communities. No matter where you want to live, I can help you find that special place! BROWSE ALL THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE HERE What should you look for in a larger home? Well, that can vary widely with each buyer, but as a general rule, look for the best possible location for your next house. That helps to ensure that your property value will be increased rather than lowered by the sale of homes around you. The right location will have access to the best schools in the area and the best shopping. There are other factors that make a larger home stand out. Many buyers fail to consider the importance of a large, functional kitchen when choosing a larger home. It just stands to reason that a larger family needs a well appointed, spacious kitchen! The size of the bedrooms is also an important factor in determining the value you get from a larger home. If the bedrooms are little more than closets they may meet your needs early on but as the children grow, you will be cramped for space. Wise buyers purchase properties with the future in mind! Another important consideration in choosing a larger home is the size of the property itself. If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your children, you will want a larger lot. If that is not so much of a concern, you might be able to save both on the purchase price and the taxes you pay later by choosing a five bedroom home on a smaller lot. When you consider your next home purchase, let our talented team of professionals assist you in your search. We can save you valuable time and effort because we know the market here inside and out! We specialize in helping buyers like you find the best home value in the right location.