2017 Best Home Design Trends to Keep in 2018

As 2017 winds down we reflect on some of the best design trends that were offered over the last year. Some we probably want to carry into 2018, because they were such a good idea. What do you think? What was your favorite design trends that you picked up this year? Here are some of our favorites.

2017 Best Home Design Trends to Keep in 2018

The entertainment center.

So many real estate listings this year emphasized the entertainment aspect of the property. Whether that’s an outside entertainment spot with an outdoor TV and flatscreen, barbecue area or outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, or just a great patio, the entertainment area became an important factor to many homebuyers. And it’s not just outside; in-home bars were extremely popular with millennial’s. Craft cocktails are booming and so when people entertaining guests, that entertainment Island or wet bar became a huge perk. Welcome back the 1970s wet bar updated and renovated.

Awe Naturale

Getting back to nature has also been a popular trend this year. Decorating with wood and things from nature has been a popular way to elevate interior design. Faux wood can likely be trendy for decades and it’s an affordable, low maintenance alternative to the real things.

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Keeping it local.

There has been a huge resurgence of interest in local businesses and culture. Because of this, more local artisans and craftsmen have been able to create beautiful items and pieces for our homes and even make a profit. There are so many designers and carpenters in just about every market across the US making unique furniture and decor to really set your home apart from your neighbors.

More than recycle, upcycle.

Sustainable design is a growing interest for many homeowners looking to be environmentally conscious. There can be beautiful ways to incorporate recycled material and reuse reclaimed material from old buildings and tear downs. Shiplap walls, center islands, or pieces of reused to be something else has become a growing trend.

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The modern farmhouse.

Country chic and country farmhouse may have been 2004 to 2016 but now we are creating a more modern farmhouse look keeping functionality and simplicity at the core. Barn doors and antique farm sinks are becoming more popular and people are doing away with the rooster chicken design.

A focus on convenience.

With so many people working from home, homeowners want areas where they can get things done, relax, be practical about how they live. Home offices and comfortable escapes can be part of the same home when people consider renovations like converting an attic into an office space or finishing a basement.

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