Organization Tips for Back to School

Well, it’s back-to-school time already. It seems like the summer just flew by but if you are starting to think about backpacks, No. 2 pencils, and school lunches, back-to-school is a reality for you. Here are some easy ways to stay organized as you and the kids had back-to-school.

Organization Tips for Back to School

Create a central calendar.

Whether it’s mom and dad going back to school, the kids or even both, having one organize calendar that everyone can see and add or subtract from makes everybody feel more organized. A centralized site for all family calendars and schedules can make things seem much more durable and more organized rather than having one calendar on somebody’s phone over here and then another actual calendar with things written on it over there. It’s a one stop shop for family time management.

Plan before you shop for any back-to-school things.

Most stores like target and Walmart will have lists of items and materials that certain schools and classrooms need. This is a great way to stay organized but, it’s also important for you to be prepared before you go to the store. First, take a day and assess each child’s clothing needs. Look through their drawers and closets to find they have outgrown things and either move them on or donate them. Find what can work for this school year and then make notes about what you will need to buy to complete attire sets. Develop a wardrobe list for every child and talk to the kids about any additional items they may think they need. When working with a budget, ask the kids to pitch in and help organize and find solutions.

Make sure everything is ready for the first day.

Many schools will require documentation for immunization records as well as any report cards from previous schools. Make sure that you have birth certificates and registration forms ready to go.

Be prepared for mornings.

Depending on the age of your kids, mornings could start as early as 5 AM. Is there anything you can do the night before to speed things up in the morning? Perhaps get the coffee maker ready to go, have school lunches ready in the refrigerator and backpacks, homework, books and clothes laid out for a quick preparation.

Try a trial run.

A couple of days before school starts have a trial run. See if everything runs as smoothly as you hoped and then tweak the schedule as necessary.

Have fun and remember, try to stay organized. I know that organization can start off great at the beginning of the school year by the end of the school year you’re amazed you got a bag of pretzels into their backpack, but by setting now, you can at least feel well put together and your kids can get off to a great start.

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