5 Home Improvements Homeowners Should Avoid

And it can be very tempting to do these improvements, which is even more of a reason to stay away from them because they just don’t give you the right return on your investment and/or buyers are not impressed. I often tell my homeowners if they’re planning on selling, don’t do more than you need to. Yes, it’s important to take care of the small little repairs and fix ups as they come along, but major remodels and updates may not need to be done unless the buyer specifically requested in the homeowner’s inspection.

5 Home Improvements Homeowners Should Avoid

Here are five home improvements that homeowners might be tempted to do but should avoid.

#1. Going overboard on the home office.

Many people work from home these days but don’t assume that everyone does. If you go overboard by installing or building built-ins, built-in desks, or an entire workspace, it may simply go to waste. You don’t want to use up valuable square footage on a home office. If you have an additional bedroom, all you really need to do is put in a desk, chair, with some papers and a pencil. This will give the look and feel of a home office without putting in a lot of work or effort.

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#2. Going overboard on the master bedroom.

We like a master retreat; a relaxing oasis where we can escape from the day, but going overboard and creating an entirely new look and renovation could be overkill. You don’t want to expand the room if you don’t have to but simply make the existing bedroom a relaxing and cozy place. If you have room (and I state this emphatically, only if you have room!) Add a small sitting space with a chair or two, a nightstand, a lamp, flowers and a cup of coffee. This creates a quiet retreat without over cluttering the room or really doing any remodels at all.

#3. Adding an addition or second story.

Even though this may double your living space, it can be way more trouble and money than it’s worth. If everyone in your neighborhood has a two-story home and you are the only single-story, it might be more valuable keeping it as is because you will find a lot of people looking for that ranch-style, single-story home rather than the more common two-story home. Plus, adding on a completely new floor to a house is in normatively expensive.

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#4. Adding on a sunroom or screened in the area.

This can be a tricky addition; you might have a great space that would benefit simply by screening in the existing framework or bones but if you have to spend more than $1000 creating a sunroom or screened in patio room, it’s not going to be worth your time and it will not give you the return on your investment. It also could cause a huge drain on your home’s energy efficiency. It would be better to create other types of outdoor living environments that do not break the budget.

#5. Be cautious in the kitchen.

Homebuyers find that the kitchen is one of the top places that could make or break a sale. While you may need to update the kitchen you don’t need to go full on gourmet to create an amazing space. Consider middle-of-the-road appliances, cabinetry, hardware, fixtures, and finishes. This will show homeowners that you care to spend a little bit more money in one of the more important rooms in the house but that you’re not going to go overboard and waste money that could be spent elsewhere. For more information on kitchens talk to your real estate agent. Because we’ve seen a lot of the kitchens out there we can give you a good idea of what an affordable and realistic kitchen remodel looks like.

For more information on any of these upgrades or to ask specific questions on how to remodel, renovate or update your home for the best possible return on your investment when selling contact us today.

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