5 Tips to Selling an Empty or Vacant House

There is such a thing as too much staff in a home but you really don’t want to sell it vacant either, however, sometimes you have no choice but to sell an empty house. Maybe you had tenants and they moved out, you’ve Artie found a new place to live and have moved; whatever the reason you now are stuck with an empty house to try and sell. Is there any hope for a non-staged house?
There is but you need to take these tips into consideration.

5 Tips to Selling an Empty or Vacant House

#1. Make sure the house doesn’t look like it’s vacant.

That can be hard to do when you leave drapes and curtains wide open but, an empty house is an inviting place for burglars or transients. Make sure that there is no mail or newspapers on the outside of the house that has not been picked up for days. Consider securing the entrance or even installing a security system. Put the lights on timers so that they turn on different times of the day or with motion sensors. And, it might not even be a bad idea to talk to your local law enforcement to let them know that there is an empty house and to keep an eye on it while it’s vacant. Yes, you really can do that.

#2. Talk to the neighbors.

Let them know that the home is for sale and currently vacant. If you have a good rapport with your neighbors, they can keep an eye on it for you and to contact you if there’s anything that looks suspicious or needs attention. Any neighborhood may even have a neighborhood watch or association that patrols the area, so it’s important to let them know that your home is vacant as well.

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#3. Maintain the exterior of the home.

If the lawn has not been mowed in a few weeks and shrubbery is getting overgrown, that’s a pretty good sign that no one’s home. The outside landscape still needs to be maintained, especially if your home is on the market. Nobody wants to see a home that’s been neglected for several months. Of well-maintained home also lets people know that it is often visited, and will keep people away.

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#4. Try to do some staging.

Now, you may not want to spend hundreds or even thousands of professional staging, but, there are little tips that you can do that are a cheap way to stage your home. Take a bunch of boxes and line them up as you would a bed. Cover it with bedding and a few pillows and voilĂ  you have a bed. You can also put a couple of air mattresses in the bedrooms and a couple of cheap nightstands with a lamp that you leave on all day long. A bowl of plastic fruit in the kitchen or a vase on the counter will also give it just a little bit of charm. But, if you’re not going to go this far, don’t go halfway and put a couple of lawn chairs in the living room. That’s just tacky.

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#5. Talk to your real estate agent about the best way to market the home.

Your real estate agent will have a lot of tips and suggestions on your particular property. They will also know the neighborhood and when to leave curtains and drapes open and went to close them.

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If you’re looking at selling your home throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland or the DC area please feel free to give us a call. We have agents in all pockets around these major cities and locations and can help you sell your home, vacant or not, quickly and efficiently.

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