Can My Agent Help Stage and Clean My Home?

Can My Agent Help Stage and Clean My Home?

This is not an uncommon question. Sellers don’t know the role of the listing agent and will often ask if the agent will clean the house. The short answer is no, but that’s not always the case.

The agent is not legally required to clean a seller’s house. They can offer suggestions, tips, advice and even resources and referrals for cleaners, stagers, and helpers, but the agent doesn’t have to clean the house for the seller.

Has it been done? Oh yes! I remember the story of one agent, who was very new and listing their first house years ago, wanted to make the place sparkle. It was a tough house that had been lived in for 30 years, 900 square feet and the previous owner had smoked a pack a day in the house. In order to get the most from the sale, that poor agent was on her hands and knees scrubbing, kilzing the house, walls, and floor, making beds and putting flowers on the table. At the end, the place was darling. But did she have to do all that? Well, technically no, but she wanted the owner to get the most from the house and he couldn’t afford a professional nor did he have the health to do it himself. ¬†She wanted to do it and so she did.

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Is this to say that all agents should do this for their client? Probably not. What should you expect from your agent? Advice and suggestions on how YOU can make the home show as wonderful as possible. Agents DO want you to get the most from your house but nowhere in the job description does that say being a maid. A listing agent is there to advise, plan, facilitate, price, market and move the process of a sale along. However, you are free to ask your agent what to do to the house in order to make it shine. Most agents will be straight up and honest with you. You don’t want someone just telling you nice things about the house if there are some serious issues that will cause the home not to sell. Agents will be brutally honest about what needs to be done to the property. Trust me, buyers will be honest and we want them to LOVE the house!

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So, don’t get all frustrated or irritated when your agents says they won’t clean your house for you. But a great agent will offer suggestions and referrals to the best people to do the job.

Need referrals for stagers or cleaners? Need to list? Give us a call!

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