Cheap Home Staging Ideas to Revamp a Room

Cheap Home Staging Ideas to Revamp a RoomWhen it comes time to selling many people don’t have the hundreds or even thousands of dollars to shell out on home staging professionals. So, a lot of his turn to DIY options or binge watch HGTV. But if you’re planning on selling here are a few simple ways to stage your home without breaking the budget.

#1. Use mirrors to make the room felt larger.

Hanging mirrors in different places throughout the house will open up the space and make it look larger than it really is. A mirror at the end of a hallway or before you turn a corner can give a wow factor to any room. Plus, you can use them for decorations as well by collecting a small collage of mirrors and placing them strategically over a couch or in a dining room.

#2. Use an area rug.

Now, I know that some area rugs are not very inexpensive but you might be surprised as to what you find in places like IKEA or even thrift stores. If you have hardwood floors using an area mat can redefine a space and create a new living option in whatever room you want.

#3. Set the stage for an activity.

If you have a dining room, set the dining room before you take pictures of the place. If you have a breakfast nook, have a bowl of fresh fruit or greenery, a cup of coffee and a good book. The nightstand should have a pair of glasses, a nice lamp and a book as well to give the environment an inviting look that says “come sit here and read a while”. In the bathroom, set the stage for a spa-like retreat and have baskets of toiletries, rolled up white linens and fresh greenery.
Whichever room you are in, make it inviting and a showcase for what you would do there.

#4. Replace personal items with artwork.

This one comes from of the Forbes magazine: “over the years, you’ve turned your house into a home by filling it with portraits and other family mementos. But remember that you want prospective buyers to envision themselves living in your home. This can be hard to do when you have pictures of yourself and your family everywhere. Swap those personal pics hanging on your walls for campus artworks.” These art pieces can be found at thrift stores, fleamarket fines or even big box stores for quite cheap.

#5. Organize items in sets of three.

Organizing decorative items, knickknacks, books and lamps in sets of three is more visually appealing to the eye and create a more well-rounded space without the clutter. Make sure that you vary heights and shapes while keeping things in the same color family.

For more information on staging your particular home contact our office today. We have agents that work throughout Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland and can help you stage your home for the right type of buyer.

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