Cost Effective Home Improvement Projects

We all want to save a little bit of money during home renovations. Home improvement projects can add up quickly so finding budget saving tips, tricks, and hacks could save you thousands and a lot of time. Here are some simple ways to get more bang for your buck during a home improvement project.Cost Effective Home Improvement Projects

#1. Paint instead of wallpaper.

Paint can be one of the easiest and most dramatic changes to a room. Wallpaper was in in the 1970s and 1980s but it went out for a couple of decades, but now it is back in and it’s more expensive than ever. Texture, patterns, lighting, and sickness all plan to expensive wallpaper but paint can give you the look you want for a fraction of the price.

#2. Focus on kitchens and bathrooms.

You can get more bang for your buck and more return on your investment with an updated kitchen and bathroom. It might be expensive but doing little things every few months can really create a big difference in the kitchen or bathroom. Open space kitchens are extremely popular so make sure you’re not removing any load bearing walls if you want to open up the kitchen and dining room. Spend money on one or two quality items and use a little more inexpensive items for accent pieces.

#3. Refinish old floors.

If you have an older home and you currently have carpet, you might pull up a little corner of the carpet to find out if you have hardwood floors underneath. A good refinishing of those hardwood floors will make a huge difference and it will only cost you the rental of the floor sander.

#4. Create a good flow in the house.

Creating a good flow throughout your house from one room to another will make the entire spacing bigger. Make sure the rooms are not closed off or blocked by furniture or a completely different decor. Have things flow from one room to the other so the entire space seems open and capable of handling multiple people throughout the area.

#5. Give your appliances a facelift.

We’ve all been there where our appliances just don’t match but you can now order new doors or even just the face panels for appliances. A mix-and-match kitchen from almond colored stove to the stainless steel refrigerator to the way dishwasher can look a little mismatched and unorganized. A lot of times you just have to get the front panel or even sheeting to go across all the appliances to make them all match.

#6. Add a bedroom where you might have an office instead.

By adding on a closet to a room, it turns it into a legal bedroom. There also has to be a way of escape as well such as a window. A three bedroom home with such a lot more profit than a two bedroom home with an office.

Doing these quick little things might add a lot more value to your home. If you’re thinking about selling, give us a call for more specifics on your particular home.


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