How to Fix Most Curb Appeal Problems

Curb appeal is one of the biggest and first impressions that buyers see when viewing a property. If you don’t have that right, chances are they’re not going to venture any further. But what do you do if you just can’t figure out what’s wrong with your curb appeal? You know something needs to change or perhaps you made a few mistakes and you just can’t fix them? Here are some simple fixes to most curb appeal problems.

How to Fix Most Curb Appeal Problems

#1. The yard just looks boring.

You may not have time to do a complete overhaul but you can make it look pretty and fresh. Fresh flowers in pots near the front door can pull the eye from the street up to the entryway. Make sure that they match or that you have a lot of the same color.

#2. The front door looks dated.

A simple fix for a front door can cost you less than a couple hundred dollars for fresh paint, new door jams, new trim and new hardware. You can of course, get a brand-new door for around $2000 installed, but that’s quite a spendy fix.

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#3. The front yard is junky.

It’s time to get as much mulch as you can. Trim the front lawn, mulch flower beds and everywhere that is not covered by law, and use a little nitrogen to green up the grass as quickly as possible.

#4. Too many leaves.

There are several ways to get rid of leaves; you can wake them up, burn them if your area allows, or spray them away from sidewalks and walkways with the hose. If everything is neat, clean and tidy, it will show that the inside is probably that way too.

#5. Your mailbox needs a lot of work.

This is probably something that you’ve become blind to buy mailboxes suffer the effects of wear and tear over several years but can be easy to fix. A new mailbox can cost around 20 bucks with easy installation.

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#6. You can’t read the house numbers.

If you expect people to find your house both emergency vehicles and home buyers, make sure those numbers stand out and pop against the color of your house, your sidewalk or wherever they are mounted.

#7. Moss in between sidewalks.

You can take a long way around by spraying it with Roundup or other herbicides, which could take several days or you can spread out with a pressure washer.

Simple tips, tricks, and hacks to make your curb appeal more appealing will draw buyers and not just to the front yard but through your house as well. Need extra help staging your home? Give us a call for specific tips on your property in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

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