Why the Right Photos Can Sell the Property

Before and after pictures of poor photography when it comes to creating a property listing for sale.

We’ve hired hundreds of photographers over the years to create great listing photos but there are bad ones too. Here’s a tip, if the homeowner can take better pictures than the person you’ve hired, you’re doing something wrong.

That’s what happened recently with a friend of mine out of state. She’s moving to another state and had her agent hire a professional photographer to take photos of the house for the flyer and online. Unfortunately, either this photographer was a newbie or just didn’t understand white balance because the images left much to be desired. You can see below the image on the right that the pro took and then the one on the left that the homeowner took.

bad listing photos

good listing photos

You can see that natural light is always best. Keeping lights on in places where there is a little light or where you can use natural light instead is really not the best option. The bathroom lights above the vanity actually detract from the room. When the lights are off and there is great natural light from the window, the view is softened and more welcoming.

It’s amazing what natural light or the right angle can do to a room. We are not talking about deceiving the buyer by any means, but offering the room in the best possible “light”, both literally and figuratively.

A mediocre real estate agent will take quick photos and throw them up. A great real estate agent that really cares about how much the homeowner could receive, takes the time to get the best photos, either by taking the pictures themselves or hiring out. Not every listing needs professional photography but it’s a good way to go if you can.

Remember, the listing photos are the first impression a buyer will have of your home. You want those photos to stand out and be amazing. I can’t tell you how many MLS photos I’ve come across showing messy bathrooms, garbage cans, and sinks full of dishes.

Agents should also inform their homeowners that they need to do even just the basics to present their home, such as cleaning, landscaping, and organizing a room. If you feel an agent has presented your home incorrectly or poorly, say something! That’s exactly what my friend did and in return had retakes done and they are amazing!

listing photo

Why the Right Photos Can Sell the Property

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Images courtesy of J. Leyde

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