Winter is the Best Time to Buy for Landlords

Now is one of the best times to buy home and scoop up a rental property. Home prices in the US are lowest during the winter months each year so it only makes sense for landlords and real estate investors to scoop up as much real estate as possible during this time.Winter is the Best Time to Buy for Landlords

Real estate investors pay up to 7% less per square foot for the same rental property during the winter months as they do for spring and summer. Depending on the area in which you’re buying, your purchase could increase your overall return on investment as much as 36%.

A new article by MSN Money shows that Washington DC is actually topping the list is one of the best places to make money as a landlord in winter. The increase in annual investment return is about 14.22%. The median home sale price in Winter is just $265,000 while in summer that number jumps to $349,000. You can save up to 24% on your home purchase throughout the Washington DC area.

One of the nice things about buying in the winter as you just don’t have the competition as you would in the spring and summer. There are not as many buyers out there so you’re not competing with first-time homebuyers and repeat buyers the one occupy the property. Most sellers are very motivated and when they have an offer, the more likely to take it to negotiate as in the spring and summer.

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia or Maryland please call us today. We offer expert care in real estate investments and understand the market in many of these cities and micro-markets throughout Northern Virginia and the surrounding area. We may even have a listing that’s perfect for your needs. We look forward to talking with you today.


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