Why Loudoun County is the Perfect Place for Millennials

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Loudoun County Virginia is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the state.  Sitting in the heart of Virginia, Loudoun County is close to Washington DC making it a prime area to be for Millennials.   With a thriving economy, affordable living spaces and a vibrant nightlife, Loudoun County sets itself apart as the prime place for millennials to be.

Low Unemployment

Loudoun County has an unemployment rate of 3.9%, one of the lowest is the state of Virginia.  Employment opportunities are plentiful which makes Loudoun a prime target for millennials that are hunting for jobs.  With jobs in sectors like government, healthcare, education, media, retail, business, and finance Loudoun County stands out.  Offering transportation to Washington DC also makes Loudoun a great location for workers in the District of Columbia and nearby cities.  Millennials are attracted to jobs that can be passionate and cause-driven, and D.C. attracts this demographic as being a place where social and political movements occur.

Loudoun County

Affordable Places to Live

Many millennials are not at a place in life where they are looking to buy a home.  Between school debt, living expenses and the type of work millennials are attracted to, purchasing a home isn’t something that is on the top of the priority list.  This generation is looking for non-permanent places that are cheap and affordable. Loudoun has an abundance of affordable apartment options that millennials should take advantage of.  In addition, the community is thriving and friendly.  With lots of varieties of shops and restaurants, there’s plenty of places for millennials to see and experience.

Loudoun County


Millennials prefer to live, work and experience fun nightlife all in the same area.  Loudoun County is vibrant with nightlife opportunities and is still growing!  Access to mass transit, arts and entertainment, and public use of amenities make Loudoun a stand out for millennials.  A strong nightlife economy what is very attractive for millennials and that’s exactly what Loudoun County offers. Loudoun has wide varieties of live music options, nightclubs and live entertainment to keep the vibrancy and energy alive.

Loudoun County

Loudoun offers the opportunities for millennials to get the full experience.  Having a job, a place to live and places to meet new people and friends makes Loudoun a great place for a millennial to be.  Loudoun County is sure to be an area that suits all your needs.

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Why Loudoun County is the Perfect Place for Millennials

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