Are Millennial Buyers Swiping Left on Your Home?

Are Millennial Buyers Swiping Left on Your Home?

For many of us that have been around the block a few times, “swiping left” might be a new term to us. But in today’s mobile/tech savvy world, swiping left or right is a euphemism for being accepted or not accepted. On the social media dating app Tinder, swiping left means that you reject the person. Swiping right means you find that person attractive and would like to know more.

Millennials are so used to this type of quick judgment that they may be making the same judgments on your house. Millennial’s wanted fast and they wanted easy, but are you preparing your home for this type of buyer?

Many of the homebuyers in today’s market are millennial’s; those between the ages of 25 and 35. Many of these buyers grew up in the age of House Hunters, Fixer Upper and other HGTV type of shows. They know there may be a lot of choices out there and they don’t have to settle for the one or two they might find online.

There is one major step that all homeowners can do to appeal to a wide range of millennial’s: know your competition.


If you have no idea what else is out there how can you compete? If you don’t know the home prices, market values, staging tips, or how other homeowners are presenting their homes, you can’t compete. You working in a vacuum and buyers will quickly “swipe left” on your home.

I tell all of my homeowners right off the bat, browse a few open houses, look at my showroom homes, browse photos online, and view as many homes as you can so that you are seeing what buyers are saying. We can talk about price ranges and then you can search for homes in those price ranges to see if your home competes. If the home is not laid out better, designed nicer, and priced more competitively, your home will get passed by.

Millennial buyers focus on kitchens and bathrooms. They want the newest, latest and greatest features, finishes and materials but they are also concerned about eco-friendly materials as well.

Is your homes sustainable? Does it speak to a millennial buyer? Does it save money? All of these things are very important to a millennial buyer and not just the general layout.

Other things the buyers are looking for today is easy to maintain materials and finishes. Many millennial buyers today are looking for a property that needs little to no work. They spent many hours on their job and in other interests and hobbies and the last thing they want to do is deal with a high maintenance home. You want to use colors, materials, countertops and floors that luxury, convenience, and ease of maintenance.

A home office is also something that is very appealing to millennial’s. They want someone that they can live/work and still be a comfortable place to raise a family and entertain. Millennials love tech-forward homes.

Appealing to the majority of homebuyers today does take practice but it also is harder to do without the right real estate agent. Because we deal with millennial buyers, help sellers organize and stage their home and facilitate transactions between all types of buyers, we can help you price your home correctly and appeal to all buyers out there today. Give us a call to find out how you can make sure the homebuyer “swipes right.”


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