Millennials are Attracted to Tech-Advanced Homes

What exactly does that mean? Well, if you’re home has some serious technology behind it, it’s more likely to attract home buyers, especially millennials.

A recent report by ERA and HGTV reported that 46% of consumers see smart home technology as an important factor in their current and future home purchases. 94% of luxury homebuyers are actually willing to give up 1000 square feet of space for more technology in their new home!

Oversized or larger homes are no longer the driving force in luxury real estate. Even in moderate real estate markets, smaller is actually better for many affluent homebuyers. However, gadgets are must-have in any new home. Here are some of the top technology forward devices and gadgets that many millennial’s and home buyers are looking for.

A smart thermostat. Thermostat such as Nest can adjust to your preferences and evaluate when someone’s home or when they’re not. This saves energy and can even be controlled from your smart phone.

SMart home technology
Image from Home Depot

Home surveillance. Home security systems have always been in the world of smart automation but most alarms simply trigger an annoying sound or contact the police. Today, home security cameras can be monitored directly from your smart phone and you can even put in pet monitors, pet cams or nanny cams in inconspicuous or conspicuous places throughout your home. Many of these security features even have the ability to give your pets a treat when you’re not home by the touch of a button.

Culinary creativity. Updating a kitchen has always been a popular choice to attract buyers but affluent homebuyers are looking for more than simply new appliances, stainless steel and granite counters. The latest technology includes no touch faucets, smart refrigerators that can alert you when you’re running low on items and internal cameras to check on its contents. Built-in Wi-Fi connects to your mobile devices that can offer accessories that can be 3-D printed or smart cooking thermometers can tell you when your food is ready.

Luxury entertainment. This truly is where technology shines. Even though most homes have flatscreen TVs these days, you can control everything from one device in some of the higher tech, more technology forward devices. Adjust the lighting, change the channel or turn on music all from your smart phone. No more three or four remote sitting on the coffee table; everything can be done by the device you carry around all the time.

These are some of the more popular technology devices that buyers are looking for but just about any home can be upgraded.

To learn more or to find out how your home can be upgraded to be more technologically savvy contact my office today.

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