Chevy Chase MD Homes

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Chevy Chase MD Homes

With an estimated population of 2,907 and a median household income of $244,794 in 21012, over the $160,331 in 2000, Chevy Chase Maryland is a very affluent area. 99.0% of their population have a high school degree or higher, with 92.7% having bachelor’s degrees or higher and 67.1% having graduate or professional degrees.  The town of Chevy Chase sends their students to the Montgomery County Public Schools, which in 2010, received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The county dedicates $2 billion to their public schools, about half of the county’s budget.

Chevy Chase md History

In the 1890s, the Chevy Chase Land Company was formed and set the stage for the development of Chevy Chase in the 20th Century. Founded by Francis G. Newlands and William M. Stewart, who had made their fortunes in the gold and silver mines of the west. After purchasing thousands of acres of land, north of Washington D.C., the Company began a massive development project.  They planned on extending Connecticut Avenue north into Maryland and developing a residential electric streetcar suburb for Washington, D.C, installing a water and sewer system, and building roads and other infrastructures. Francis G. Newlands was a racialist,  who in 1912 organized his presidential campaign on principles that called for a constitutional amendment to deprive black men and limit immigration to whites only.  His main purchase was Chevy Chase, a 305-acre plot of land, right on the line between Maryland and Washington DC. By the 1920’s, Chevy Chase included language in their real estate deeds excluded individuals based on race and religion, for rentals or sales of homes.  In 1948, all of these were voided by a Supreme Court’s decision in Shelley v. Kraemer.

After World War I, heavy development in the Town advanced, as the use of the automobile finally began to make living outside of the District an attainable option. It was during this boom that the building lots in Chevy Chase Section IV began to be filled.  The decade of the 1920’s saw booming growth in Chevy Chase. As the lots were improved and the population increased, additional infrastructure was needed. The 1930’s brought in a lot improvements, which included sidewalks and street repair, installation of storm sewer catch basins, and implementation of a tree-planting program in the public spaces.  Over succeeding decades the formerly remote area was transformed from farmland and woods to middle-class housing.

Chevy Chevy Made Up of Several Villages

Primarily a residential suburb, Chevy Chase is comprised of several villages, Chevy Chase Village, which is among the top 50 “richest” cities in The United States of America.  Chevy Chase Section Three, Chevy Chase Section Five, Martin’s Additions, which were all created by a special tax district and North Chevy Chase, which is known for its spring, that is still bubbling today, named the  Clean Drinking Manor.  History states that George Washington drank from its waters, for he documented it in his diary that he “tarried for a thankful rest at Clean Drinking’s hospitable hearth.
Chevy Chase MD Homes

Home to National 4-H Center

Chevy Chase is home to the National 4-H Center, hosting annual 4-H conferences and year-round training programs for youth, volunteer leaders and professional staff.  Now one of the largest non-academic youth education and conference facilities in America, the National 4-H Youth Conference Center has a colorful history that dates back more than a century.  The National Science Bowl, a high school and middle school science knowledge competition,  is held here annually.

Chevy Chase Commercial Corridor

The neighborhood’s major commercial road is Connecticut Avenue NW, one of the diagonal avenues radiating from the White House.  In addition to commercial establishments, it is home to apartments, a community center, and a regional branch of the D.C. Public Library. Many established, locally owned and operated businesses are well patronized by the local residents such as Magruder’s Supermarket, who opened their doors in 1875, and the Avalon Theatre, who began as a silent film house in 1923 and ran until the theater underwent renovations in 2003, re-opening as a non-profit movie theater.
Chevy Chase MD Homes

Chevy Chase md homes


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