Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Alexandria VA

Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Alexandria VA

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Alexandria real estate is highly desirable both for it’s location so close to Washington DC and for it’s rich community spirit and historic feel. Alexandria is a Northern Virginia community that is an upscale mix of single family, townhomes and condos that offer a wide variety of styles and great neighborhoods. Below are links to Alexandria listings you won’t want to miss:


Alexandria, Virginia was first settled in 1695, located along the western bank of the Potomac River, it is approximately six miles south of downtown Washington, D.C.  Retaining its colonial spirit with its cobblestone streets and historic buildings of Old Town while having a very contemporary side in the stylish neighborhood of Del Ray, Alexandria has something for everyone!

Union troops occupied  Alexandria for four years  during the Civil War, forever changing the dynamics of this old seaport community. Alexandria endured the longest military occupation by Union troops of any town during this conflict.  From 1899-1915, Alexandria rebounded and became the leading city for manufacturing behind Lynchburg VA.


The most important industries produced glass, fertilizer, beer and leather.  Employing 1,713 people, the 54 manufacturing establishments, including Virginia Glass and the Robert Portner Brewing Company, made it a very prosperous community.  With continued growth,  the Virginia Marine Railway and Shipbuilding Company, and Potomac Yard, one of the largest rail facilities in the country made their home on the seafront. A tobacco trading post, Alexandria became one of the ten busiest ports in America.  The U.S. Naval Torpedo Station, was built during World War I and was expanded during World War II, with large industrial buildings dominating Alexandria’s waterfront.
Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Alexandria VA


The National Airport was constructed at the beginning of the Second World War on Alexandria’s northern edge, bringing tremendous change and growth to the area.  This created access for people from all over the country and they fled into the region as the government was expanding.  Alexandria soon became one of many “bedroom communities,” with neighborhoods springing up all around the outskirts of the city, creating an estimated population of 146,294 in 2012,  serving the capital.

EmployERS in Alexandria

Like most of the surrounding area of the nation’s capital, Alexandria  is largely occupied by professionals working in the Federal Civil Service, the U.S. military, or for one of the many private companies which provide services to the federal government. U.S. Department of Defense is one of the area’s largest employers. Others include  U.S. Department of Commerce, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority , the City of Alexandria and Alexandria City Public Schools.  Companies headquartered in Alexandria include the Institute for Defense Analyses, the Center for Naval Analyses, VSE and the Pentagon Federal Credit Union creating an estimated median household income in 2012 of $81,160.

“Old Town” HISTORIC Charm

With some very quaint, “small town” neighborhoods, Alexandria is a very appealing city.  There is Old Town, in the heart of the city, on the beautiful waterfront of the Potomac River.  Boasting of its preserved historic district, it was George Washington‘s adopted hometown, which has continued to attract many Presidents and First Families.  With its brick-lined streets, you are sure to find a stylish steal at one of their shops in the Old Town Boutique District, hailed by The Wall Street Journal for having “some of the best stores and galleries in the capital’s region.”  Del Ray, on the other hand, is a neighborhood  that was founded in the late 19th century, because of a light rail that swiftly connected residents to Washington D.C.  It became an ideal settlement for commuters.  Similar to a Norman Rockwell envisioned landscape, you’ll find white picket fences and children playing in the yards.  Their main drag, Mt. Vernon Avenue, is occupied by family friendly pizzerias, barbecue restaurants and eclectic shops.  They hold their signature events like Art on the Avenue which  contribute to the artsy ambience that this community emulates through their flourishing galleries, organic health and wellness businesses.  So whether you’d prefer a neighborhood reflecting the historic ambiance of this area or the artsy, “small town” feel, Alexandria offers a level of character that is hard to find in other areas.

Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Alexandria VA

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