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Great Falls in Northern Virginia is conveniently located in Fairfax County, just 15 miles from Washington, DC. With an estimated population of 15,427, this is an 80.5% increase from the 2000 census. Great Falls is home to the famous Madiera School. This lovely area has beautiful homes, mostly on some acreage. It’s a very popular area for those wishing to commute to Washington, DC and surrounding employment centers in Northern Virginia. It’s just a few miles from Tysons Corner, VA and the new Silver Metro Line.reat Falls Park.

Great Falls Park Attracts Outdoor Enthusiasts

Great Falls has one major attraction for which it was named after, The Great Falls Park. Overlooking the Great Falls  at the Potomac River, as it builds up speed and force, falling over a series of steep, jagged rocks and then flows through the narrow Mather Gorge.This area has many opportunities to explore history and nature with its historic buildings, sights beautiful 800-acre park in Great Falls, Virginia.

Great Falls VA Homes

Great Falls Grange Focal Point of Great Falls Community Activities

The Great Falls Grange was a large part of the community life of Great Falls founded in 1920.  The National Grange Organization is the political voice of the American farmer and was a supporter of the women’s right to vote and was one of the first nongovernmental clubs to provide international assistance to those in need.  The chapter bought “shares” into the organization and eventually purchased land and built their meeting hall.  They named it The Grange and it was a great source for the dairy farmers with four other chapters in Fairfax County, the leading Virginia dairy producers of that time.  The Grange became the focal point of all community activities, hosting ice cream socials, carnivals, dances and many special productions and events.  It still stands today and is the only one left in the county.  It was placed on the Fairfax County Inventory of Historic Sites,  the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and on the National Register of Historic Places.

Great Falls VA on the “List of Top Earning Towns” in 2011 by CNN Money

With high tech and governmental employers moving nearby, followed by the development of the Dulles Corridor of offices, CNN Money ranked it first in the nation, on its list of “Top earning Towns” in 2011 with their estimated median household income of $213,003.  The citizen’s are able to enjoy their country living, making a good living, living close the the urban areas.

History of Great Falls VA and the Patowmack Canal

George Washington forged the building of the Patowmack Canal.  It was to be a bypass the Potomac River making it navigable as far as the Ohio River Valley.  Construction begun in 1785 and took a total of seventeen years to complete, six years longer than the time required to locate, build, and begin occupying a new federal city, Washington, D.C., ten miles downriver. Thousands of boats locked through at Great Falls, carrying tobacco, flour, whiskey and iron downstream; carrying firearms, cloth, hardware  and other manufactured products upstream. Vessels varied from a keelboat, long narrow cigar-shaped riverboat that could carry up to 20 tons of cargo to the crudely constructed rafts.  Taking 3 to 5 days to get down to Georgetown and a 10 to 12 day trip poling against the strong and rough current to return back to Cumberland.  The Patowmack Company folded in 1828, turning over its assets and liabilities to the newly formed Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company. the Patowmack Canal was abandoned except for the section of Little Falls in 1830 for an even more ambitious undertaking: a man-made waterway stretching from Georgetown to Cumberland on the Maryland side of the river.  The Patowmack Company may have been a financial failure, but its builders pioneered lock engineering and stimulated a wave of canal construction important to the country’s development.

great falls history following the civil war

The skirmish – the Battle of Dranesville on Dec. 20, 1861 caused much unrest in Great Falls. During this period of the Civil War, local farmers were harassed by both Union and Confederate soldiers that came through Great Falls to forage for food for men and horses, creating bitter feelings and mistrust with many residents that lingered on way after the war.  Searching for viable economic activity after the Civil War, the benefits of the resident’s efforts of dairy farming slowly became apparent.  The Great Falls dairy farmers grew to become the most commercially and economically successful in Fairfax County.  They were known for their fine products and productive livestock.  With a proven track record from the 1880’s through the 1950’s, this areas dairy industry was quite a success, slowly losing strength as the refrigerated trucks would provide the more remote farmers into the marketplace.  In the mid 1980’s, the last standing dairy farm was sold, Nalls Farm.

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Great Falls VA Homes


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