Loudoun County VA Homes

Loudoun County VA is known for its rich history, healthy diversity of expanding businesses, beautiful scenery, appealing neighborhoods and high quality public services.  With a median household income of $119,134, Loudoun County has the highest median income in the country and has been ranked number one since 2007 for jurisdictions in the United States with over a population of 65,000. This populous county has a large federal government presence and is home to companies with influential  connections to the government, like the intelligence agencies: the CIA and the National Counterterrorism Center and Freddie Mac.

Loudoun County VA Homes

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With a pretty consistent population of around 20,000, life changed in the 1960’s when Dulles International Airport was introduced to Sterling, in the southeastern section of the county.  The airport produced new businesses, great employment opportunities, and an increase in residents in Loudoun County.  Attractive subdivisions such as Sterling Park, Sugarland Run, Cascades, and Ashburn Farms were developed, making that section a veritable part of the Washington suburbs. Others chose to move to the county seat of Leesburg or to the small towns and rural communities of the Loudoun Valley.  In the same period of time, the metropolitan area of Washington D.C. began to grow rapidly, also.  The major roadways had to be improved to provide commuting between Loudon County and the nation’s capital much easier.  This created a very attractive society to live in, bringing more and more people into the eastern part of the county. In the last three decades, the population in this county has nearly quadrupled, bringing it to today’s population of about 347,969 people.

Early History of Loudoun County VA

Loudoun County in Northern Virginia was established in 1757 from what was once Fairfax County.  Named for John Campbell, fourth Earl Of Loudoun in Scotland, and Governor General of Virginia from 1756 – 1759.  By the time of the American Revolution, Loudoun was the most populated county in Virginia. It contributed much of its grain harvest to George Washington Continental Army, earning the nickname, “The Breadbasket of the Revolution.”  Loudoun County briefly served as a temporary refuge for President James Madison as he led the nation into the War of 1812.  Being the main author of our founding Constitution, that and other important state papers were brought with him to Rokeby, near Leesburg, for safe keeping when the British decided to burn Washington.

For more than two centuries, the dominant way of life in Loudoun County was through agriculture.  Ownership of housing in Loudoun County is about 75%, with 25% renting. The median age of Loudoun’s population is 35.2.  Loudoun County is known for great quality of life. Many historic and recreational destinations, as well as local wineries, distilleries and breweries, organic farms and more can be found in the area, bringing tourists and great restaurants and shops to the region. The county’s wine industry boasts award winning wineries, tasting rooms, breweries, distilleries, farm-to-table dining and has produced several internationally recognized wines. Loudoun County has over 22 wineries and over 25 active farms,  With Loudoun’s rich soil, hay, wheat, corn and soybean are also grown.

Loudoun County VA Homes

horse farms and equestrian training facilities located in loudoun county

Loudoun does retain a strong rural economy in the western section of the county.  With an estimated revenue of $78 Million, the equine industry is very present there.  It is home to Morven Park, an International Equestrian Institute. The Institute was  a well known training facility for advanced dressage, showjumping and 3-day eventing.  In its day, along with the Potomac Horse Center, Morven was considered the most prestigious riding schools in the United States.

Loudoun County VA Homes

Recreation, Leisure and Community Programs in Loudoun County

Since 1966, working closely with the residents of Loudoun County, the Department of Park and Recreation and Community Services created expansive areas for recreation, leisure and community service programs.  Considering all of their needs, they developed trails, active and tranquil parks, community recreation facilities, senior centers, pools, adult day care centers, a nature preserve, pools, historic sites and a fine arts center. These integrated network of facilities are operated and maintained by the department.  There are additional programs offered through the Loudoun County Public School at the school sites in a cooperative effort of the department also.

Loudoun County used to be a sleepy rural community, but with all if its growth has become a technology center and a very attractive, popular Washington DC suburb.

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Loudoun County VA Homes


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