Luxury Living AND Green Home Design?

Luxury Living AND Green Home Design?

Can those two coexist? Should they? Many people think that if your luxury living, you don’t have to think about energy efficiency, but that simply not the case. Any people that choose the luxury lifestyle do so for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they have the means to provide a green or eco-friendly living environment for both themselves and their families. So how can you comfortably and practically combine luxury living with eco-friendly design?


One way is to recycle or up-cycle older designs or incorporate materials and finishes from reclaimed homes and even historical buildings and architecture. There are many materials, furnishings, and decor designed around recycled materials and are a great way to prevent these items from clogging up landfills. Companies such as Currey & Company featured bubbled recycled glass, which can be turned into light fixtures, hanging pendants, or modern sconces. These light fixtures can then be outfitted with LED light bulbs, saving you time, energy and money both now and in the future.


You can consider upgrading your flooring. These eco-friendly flooring options such as Lauzon Pure Genius flooring offers options that make indoor air quality 85% cleaner. These floors are activated by natural and artificial light, which can help put the titanium dioxide and air-purifying agents into action. These floors have beautiful visual appeal and come in a wide range of color options and stains.

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Tap into the backyard oasis you may already have. Create comfortable furniture, recycled materials for an outdoor kitchen, or use items you may already have to create a fire pit, sink, and comfortable seating area. You can incorporate LED lighting after dark, and of course, more plants and trees always are a benefit to the environment.


Choose color and paints that are known for low odor, low chemical emissions. There’s zero VOC line of premium paint but not only add fantastic accents but eco-friendly additions as well.


One of the biggest things is to simply stay proactive about your home’s design and energy efficiency. Look for non-toxic products for cleaning and seek out little changes you can make on a daily basis to create a more eco-friendly home and environment. These things certainly add up, and before you know it, you’ve naturally incorporated luxury and green home design flawlessly.

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