What to Keep and What to Toss When You Move

What to Keep and What to Toss When You MoveMoving and relocating is a great time to purge anything you don’t want or things that have been cluttering up your life and your home. But, that can come with some tough decisions to make. Maybe you don’t want to clear out everything? Maybe you are the type of person that throws everything into a box and will decide once you get to where you’re going. But the best thing to do is to plan ahead of time, purge anything you don’t want and only move with the things that you really truly love.

Here is a great way to decide what to keep and what to toss when you move.

Consider your life, where you are in your life and your circumstances.

Are you downsizing or upgrading to a better home? Are you making room for more kids there are kids moving out of the house? Consider the space you will be moving into and how much furniture you will need to fill up the room. If you are going from two family rooms down to one, you may not need both couches or chairs, coffee tables, the stands or other family room furnishings.

Did you play a lot of board games with your kids when they were little but now they’re moving out of the house and those boardgames just don’t get to open to that often? Are there musical instruments that never get played, craft items or holiday decorations that haven’t been put up in years? Items that are perfect to toss or donate. If you have used an item in over a year, it may be time to let someone else enjoy it.

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Plus, if you move a lot and the same items have sat in the box since the last time you moved, you probably don’t need it unless it’s a nostalgic item that you want to keep forever.

Consider what you can live without.

This might be a tough call but, if you don’t need five TVs in the house and realize that your family can live with three or less, it might be time to sell or donate a lot of these items. What about kitchen appliances such as ice cream makers, bed makers, extra toasters or blunders? Again, if you have used these items in over a year, it may be time to pass them on.

What about clothes? If you have one item in a year or more, you’re probably not going to wear it now. This might be a great time to donate or sell your clothing items for extra moving cash.

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Purge, donate or throw away items before your move so that you are not unpacking garbage and things you really don’t want once you get to your new house. You don’t want to pay for extra boxes, moving supplies or movers to things that you’re just going to get rid of when you get into the new house. Save yourself time, energy and a lot of money by getting rid of it before you move. And, one little side note here, if you have movers that are packing up items, make sure that your garbage doesn’t get packed with everything else. Trust me, we’ve had that happen. We’ve opened the box at the new place and realized the movers actually packed a big bag of garbage with all of our stuff.

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