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Washington D.C. is the center of the country’s political power, but it’s also becoming the center of something else – big business. A wide range of big businesses have relocated to the D.C. area, whether in D.C. proper, or in the connecting sections of northern Virginia or Maryland. These firms run the gamut from airlines to Fortune 500 companies, and include the likes of:

Not all of these companies have their corporate headquarters in the area, but they do all have a significant presence in and around the nation’s capital. Where do their employees live? What housing options do they have? We’re going to show you the way in this article!

Alexandria and Points Beyond

While you’d think that most businesses would want their employees located in D.C. proper, that’s not actually the case. Most live outside that area, with Alexandria being the most common. Richmond. Silver Spring and Bethesda, Maryland both have their fair share as well, since both cities provide easy access to the country’s capital, Washington D.C.

Corporate Relocation and Housing

Many companies find it beneficial to offer employees some sort of corporate housing. For instance, the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) partners with two hotels for corporate travel. One offers studios for $89.00 per night with a 30-night agreement and the other provides double guestrooms for the same rate. The NRO even partners with an apartment complex located close to their corporate headquarters where employees can find housing. Of course, there are plenty of other options to suite corporate relocation needs.

Housing Options

Your choice of housing will depend on the length of your stay in the D.C. area. If you’ll only be in town for a month or two, then corporate housing is probably the best choice. However, if you’ll be here for over a year, or plan to relocate permanently, then you should know a bit more about your housing choices.

First, if you want to buy a home, we recommend looking in the cities of Alexandria and Richmond. These top Virginia cities are amenity-heavy and certainly convenient to D.C. proper. Alexandria, VA and Richmond, VA have everything you would need in a nice suburban area just outside the major populated city. Of course, the farther you get from the Alexandria and Richmond urban hubs, the longer your commute, so it might make better sense to shop around closer in. You’re really the only one who can determine this – make your decision based on your budget, the drive time from the locations you’re considering, and the amount of congestion you’ll have to battle each day on the road.

Rent or Buy?

The real estate market in this area is booming and now is the time to buy. With interest rates the lowest they’ve been in years you can afford to buy a home in one of the voted ‘Best Places to Live in the United States.’ You’ll find rental and purchase options in D.C., and in both northern Virginia and Maryland, although the prices tend to be lower on the Virginia side (so if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, whether buying a home or renting, start there).

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