15 Staging Rules to Sell a Home Fast during the Holidays


christmas-wreath-573855_1920Similar to family photographs and other mementos that are private to you but a diversion for purchasers, holiday decorations can make it difficult for purchasers to “envision” themselves residing in your home. Staging rules from Halloween blow-up yard decorations to Christmas trees and Fourth of July porch banners, it is advisable to implement some decorating alterations as you approach any holiday season. Here are 15 of our top guidelines to decrease decoration and increase buyer optimism.

Holiday decorations need to be compatible with the home’s aesthetic

If your home is contemporary, think of elegant holiday decorations that are contemporary. In case you are selling your beach house, staging rules dictate that your decorations need to portray this theme.


Opt for Seasonal Greenery

It is okay to fix a genuine wreath on the door with some bows. Pine garland on the veranda or from end to end of a fireplace mantel is also okay.

Christmas Candles

Avoid excessive decoration outside

Do not place flashing, musical or bright vibrant characters in the garden, front porch or roof.

Christmas Fireworks

Tidy up area surrounding your tree

In case your Christmas tree is genuine, ‘kindly ensure you keep the pine needles clean,’ pleads Lee Williams, a real estate agent with Level Group, a New York City real estate brokerage. Remember, staging rules remind us that tidiness is vital.

Christmas Tree

Ornaments should be Plain

Do not congest your tree with each ornament you have ever utilized in past years. Keep it minimal and plain.

Christmas Orament

Avoid Using up Valuable Floor Space

If you have a small house, minimize the dimensions of your Christmas tree also. The presents beneath the tree should not consume useful floor space, reducing the size of your home.

Use a Single Candle for Every Window

It is all right to place candles in the windows; however, William cautions that it should be ensured that the candles avoid attracting any possible negative elements in the home’s exterior and interior. Exterior negatives include dented siding.

Use Ornamental Lights

Staging rules say white lights are okay in the home’s interior. However, if you need to run extension cords throughout the area because there are no outlets, Williams advises the lights should not be used.

Select Colors Meticulously

If you need to adorn your house for the holiday you commemorate, make use of conventional colors only; therefore, for Christmas, green and red, while silver, blue and white is great for Chanukah, for instance. Better yet, avoid including religion in the color scheme and use silver and gold!

Keep Religious Symbols Away

Menorahs, nutcrackers, and manger scenes might be vital to you; however, they may divert purchasers. Display them for your individual celebrations but store them during showings.

Staging still matters

It may be advisable for you to just substitute day to day linens for the ones in your color theme for the holiday.

Avoid Exhibiting Greeting Cards

They become similar to family photographs which is another diversion that prevents purchasers from ‘envisioning’ themselves residing in your home.

Tone down Gifts

If gifts need to be exhibited, do it sparingly. Actually, you can wrap some empty boxes attractively as a section of your decorating idea, advises Williams.

Christmas DecorKeep Cookies Away

Avoid the presence of a plate of cookies during showings. Today, food allergies are prevalent and triggering an allergic response will put off a person who wants to present an offer on your house.

Home for the Holidays

Curb appeal continues to count

During winter and with stormy climate, when the driveway is shoveled, and there is no ice and snow on the walk, this plays a huge role in curb appeal. It would be a huge turn-off if purchasers were unable to approach your front door unharmed.



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15 Staging Rules to Sell a Home Fast during the Holidays


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