Home Staging Tips That Get Your Home Sold!

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Bringing Buyers In!

When you are preparing to sell your home it’s imperative that you understand the way potential buyers view it!


Does your home look inviting from the street? Are scrubs and trees trimmed and flower beds mulched? Even in the middle of winter you can freshen up the outside so that it’s inviting to buyers. If they are turned off before they enter the home, you’ve lost their interest at the onset. Make sure your home is fresh and clean on the outside, no flaking paint or stained roof. Exterior colors should be neutral and appealing to the objective onlooker. No one wants to buy the house with the bright yellow color or electric blue shutters. The home may be perfectly finished inside but the outside keeps them from ever giving the inside a chance. Is the address clearly marked? This is another important aspect that buyers consider when first viewing a property. Remember, small details make the difference to potential buyers.

Inside Tips

First impressions are critical. If they feel good about the exterior and walk into a home that smells bad, looks unkempt, is full of personal items or has bold, dark or bright wall colors, they are immediately turned off! Rather than impressing your potential buyers with all the great features in your home, you’re showing them that your home needs cleaning, painting, etc.

If you have a deck, screen porch or fence, make sure they are well-maintained! Make sure they are repaired and painted or freshly stained. Buyers will judge your home on how well it is maintained and these items are giveaways to how you maintain the rest of your home. Don’t distract buyers with negative issues. Hire a professional real estate agent who understands home staging and internet marketing so that your home is one of the “must see” homes on your buyer’s list!

You want buyers to say, “Wow!” when they enter your home.

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Remember, besides being clean, bright and neutral your home needs to be updated, if it’s an older home. Kitchens must not only be clean, but appliances must be newer and these days, stainless. Counter tops need to be granite, marble, Corian or other durable and tasteful material. Cabinets must be fresh looking and clean. Clear them of clutter! Serious buyers will open cabinetry and drawers to see how they work and see how large they are inside. Bathrooms must be updated as well if they home was built over 10 years ago. Make sure fixtures are newer and reflect current market tastes. You can visit model homes to see what types of fixtures and kitchen appliances are in demand in today’s market. If your home is going to sell for the most money possible, it must look move-in ready. Buyers do not want to have to renovate kitchens and bathrooms before they move in! And if your home is older and not updated, buyers will discount their offers to reflect the additional money it will cost them to do the updates themselves.

Luxury wood kitchen with granite countertop.

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Interior Colors & Decorating

Interior paint colors must be neutral and not too dark. Beiges, tans, soft grays, serene greens and soft blues are also good. Neutral is the name of the game. Steer clear of yellows unless in a small room.

If you  have a lot of furniture you’ll want to consult your real estate professional about removing items that impede traffic flow and the look of openness and light in every room. Get a storage unit to store furniture, photographs and collections or collectables. You’re moving, after all, so you might as well get most of your items packed anyway! Less to do later. You don’t want buyers to be distracted by your items and not notice how great the floorplan is, or how beautiful your hardwood floors look. These are important selling points! If buyers can’t see the house for all the “stuff” they will move on to a house that’s well staged and looks ready for them to move in!

Spacious living room with a fireplace.

If you have draperies on your windows, make sure they are clean and light. Nothing darkens a room like dark drapes! Have them open when buyers view the home. If you have blinds or plantation shutters, open them so buyers can see out the windows (make sure windows are clean!). Nothing turns off buyers as much as dirty windows or broken blinds.


Art should be neutral as well. No nudes, religious objects or sport team objects. No stuffed deer heads, foxes or other dead furry animals. They may be perfectly fine for you, but you never know how others will see them. The last thing you want is controversy or distaste to potential buyers!



Be mindful to the market you are selling to! Put yourself in their shoes and look at your home with buyer’s eyes, not seller’s eyes! Your home is no longer YOUR HOME, it’s a house you are trying to sell!

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Home Staging Tips That Get Your Home Sold!


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