How To Successfully Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home

successfully selling your home depends on understanding Your Market

Every market is different and you need to be able to fully understand your home’s market. The best way to learn about your market is to research sales and available listings over the past 6 months to a year get a feel of how active the neighborhood market is. If you live in a large subdivision with lots of sales, that’s good! You may even see homes that have recently sold or listings of the same model, so you can see how popular your home may be to potential buyers.

If your home is located in a neighborhood with varying aged homes and differing styles of homes, your research will need to be more in-depth, as well as broad. You may have to look for homes similar in age, style, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths outside your immediate neighborhood. Typically you want to look for homes within a half-mile radius, if possible. If you live in a more rural area, you will need to broaden your search to 1-5+ miles away.

Once you compile this data compare these properties item-by-item to find the most similar properties, then begin analyzing the differences. Identifying the differences and deciding what differences make difference to buyers is imperative. This knowledge comes from years of experience. Gene and Monica Mock, Premier Team, are experts in the field of marketing your home and getting your the highest dollar amount, based on current market conditions in your home’s market neighborhood.

Hire a Professional Broker so your home sells quickly

TIP! Hire a Professional Real Estate broker. You need to find a broker who you feel comfortable with and who has a large presence on the internet, where 95% of potential buyers see your home. Your broker will make sure your house is priced right and will advise you on how to make your home ready to sell. Having a broker who will advise you staging your home for sale is critical! call or text gene mock, Premier Team @ 703-342-8100. Last Year premier team’s listings sold within 1% of list price. 

Contact Gene Mock, Associate Broker, Premier Team, Keller Williams 703-342-8100. we will help you sell your home quickly and for the most money possible. We will do a detailed market analysis to make sure your home is priced correctly for your immediate market and advise you on staging your home for potential buyers. His teammate, Monica Mock, has 15+ years experience appraising residential real estate. She will provide you with a detailed market report so you will have a deep understanding of market conditions before you list your home for sale.

your broker stays engaged with potential buyers

Once your home is on the market, your broker will engage with potential buyers and their agents to promote your home. He or she will be your advocate in getting your home sold efficiently and for the highest amount as possible. Your broker is trained and experienced to negotiate with buyers on your behalf. When you hire Gene Mock, Associate Broker, Premier Team, Keller Williams Realty 703-342-8100, you can rest assured the sale of your home is in good hands. His deep and broad experience in successful real estate transactions will serve you.

Contract to Close is Handled!

After the initial sales contract is ratified (signed by all parties to the transaction), managing the myriad of details that arise until the day your home sale is closed can be a daunting task. Let your broker, Gene Mock, handle everything! Gene will stay in touch with you from listing to settlement day. Contact Gene @ 703-342-8100 and visit his website! You will see the difference hiring a true professional real estate advisor makes!

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How to Successfully Sell Your Home


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