Listing Agent for Northern Virginia

Listing Agent for Northern Virginia


Think you’re ready to list your Northern Virginia or Washington DC home? You might be surprised at what you need to do before listing your home on the local MLS. As a professional real estate broker, we not only assist sellers in listing, marketing and selling their properties but deal with buyers as well. This gives me the inside edge as to what buyers will pay for, what they’re looking at, and what appeals to them. The best listing agent is also a good buyer’s agent. An exclusive listing agent may not know all of the ins and outs when it comes to what buyers are really looking for, so using a listing agent that also doubles as a buyer’s agent means you get the best of both worlds.

Here are some things to keep in mind before listing your property in Metro Maryland, Northern Virginia or any of the surrounding areas in D.C.

See your home with a fresh set of eyes.

If you’ve lived in your home for longer than two years it can be easy to overlook items of neglect, repairs that need attention, and the overall appearance of the home. Buyers are looking at your home with a fresh set of eyes and will pinpoint all of the details that you have overlooked for years. The best way to do this is to have a trusted friend, neighbor or relative go through your home with you as you make notes on things that stand out to them as an issue. (If you don’t think you can trust anyone, I will be an honest opinion as to what needs to change and what stands out to buyers as an issue.)

Consider neutral tones, generic looks, and warm decor.

Buyers do not want to be distracted with your teakettle collection, your sports memorabilia, or the plethora of personal and family photos scattered throughout the hall and the stairwell. All of these items need to be carefully packed away. Think of your home as a four-star resort; you wouldn’t find a picture of the manager and his family by your bedside table – the same goes for your home. You’re trying to create a neutral sense of relaxation, peacefulness, and a welcoming attitude without any blaring reminders of who you really are. Any religious memorabilia that may be offensive to anyone, inappropriate items, signs or pictures and anything else you feel may be offensive to a buyer will need to be packed away.

Pack up half of all your items – everywhere.

You’ll need to be packing anyway when it comes time to move so start now by packing up half of the items in your closets, cupboards, pantries and drawers to give the sense of extra space, ample storage, and room to breathe. If buyers see closets and drawers packed full they will feel that there’s not enough room in the house. This is a great time to pack up out-of-season items, off-season clothing, kitchen utensils, tools rarely used; pack up half of the stuff in your kitchen.

Each home is different but by going through this simple list of three things that can make a world of difference, you’ll be on the right track to a home sale in no time. Call our office anytime for an idea of what your home is currently worth, how we can get more profit from the sale of your home, and how we would list, market and sell your property in Northern Virginia, DC or Metro Maryland.

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