Quick Guide: Home Staging

“The Investment IN ASP® Staging Your Home will always be Less than a Price Reduction ON Your Home!”
– Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging®

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Home staging is more than just a way to relax on a weeknight watching HGTV with a glass of wine, it is a proven method to sell real estate faster and for a higher price. As a basic definition, home staging is the art of styling a home or commercial space in a manner that highlights the space’s function, comforts, and convenience. Sellers often struggle with separating emotion from the real estate transaction and fail to properly state their homes. Emotionally based staging pitfalls to avoid:

  • Saving money with outdated décor
  • Displaying personal mementos and photos
  • Overly crowded spaces that hinder a buyer’s future vision of the space.

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Staging a home is not the same thing as decorating a home. A properly staged home will allow each room of the home to shine by strategically drawing visitors into it. Some simple and cost-effective ways to stage a home:

  • Paint walls in fresh, neutral colors
  • Shampoo carpets and buff hardwood to a shine
  • Remove furniture down to the bare necessities
  • Properly place home accents in a manner that highlights function i.e. books by the night stand

Beautiful Living Room in New Luxury Home

So why would a seller take the time to stage his or her home when the goal is to sell quickly? Because home staging works. Staged homes allow buyers and brokers to:

  • Assume the space is well-cared for by the previous owner
  • See themselves in the space which creates urgency to buy
  • Showcase the property to a wider audience of buyers


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What are the effects of a properly staged home once it hits the open market? In the Washington DC region staged real estate will:

  • Increase buyer interest because the space appears like a “model” home and not one that has been lived in.
  • Command higher asking prices and experience more buyer bidding wars than non-staged homes
  • Reach a higher sales velocity with 33% fewer days on the market than comparable homes.

Home Staging

When a piece of Washington DC real estate is staged properly, the investment will achieve an overall greater rate of return. Statistically speaking, the national ROI average is 120% for properly staged homes and commercial spaces. Because staged homes are on the market on average less than two weeks with non-staged homes lingering for three months or more, spending the time and energy to stage your next home for sale could mean the difference between “days on the market” and “months on the market!”

For more ideas on where to spend your staging budget, take a look at this eye-opening chart!

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Quick Guide: Home Staging

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