Stage Your Home for the Big Sale

Staging a Bedroom

Selling your home can be a tough task.  There are so many different variables that go into selling your home.  There are things that can be done though to make selling your home an easier process than it can be.  Staging your home is one of those things that make selling your home easier.  Staging your home can help transform your house into a beautiful setup that will make buyers swoon over it.  Home staging will also help to raise the asking price for your home.

Home Staging for the Big Sale

Increasing the value of your home

Staging can be so beneficial if it is done right.  There are certain areas that should be focused on when staging a home that can help in increasing the value of a home.  Every room should be focused on when staging a home should be focused on, but more common areas and the home entry way are essential.  Below are ways to stage your home:

  • Eliminate Clutter: Clutter can be anything from excess materials around the house to even having too much furniture. Less is more when it comes to staging your home.  Less makes the rooms look bigger and more appealing to prospective buyers.


  • Format the Furniture: Most people think that putting the furniture against the walls will make the rooms feel bigger. That is not the case when staging your home.  It looks its best for buyers when the furniture is away from the walls and set up in a conversational setting.


  • Transform Unused Rooms: If there is a room that is unused and is just there to collect unwanted materials, it is beneficial to turn that room into something that would entice potential buyers.  This can be turned into an office or a relaxing area.


  • Lighting: Proper lighting is essential to be able to show off every room.  Bad lighting makes the home seem very unappealing and make buyers weary of purchasing the house.  Great lighting makes everything in the house seem more cheery and gives off a better feeling for prospective buyers.


  • Make Rooms Look Bigger: Bigger rooms when viewing the house make it more appealing.  If there are two rooms that run into together, paint them the same color, it will not break up each individual room; instead make the rooms seem larger than what they may be.


Home staging is so important in selling your home in order to get the best offer for the house that you are selling.  Home staging can be made easier if some of the steps are followed that are listed above. Need some help? Monica Mock and The Premier Team are just one email or phone call away.

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