How to Get More Buyers Interested in Your Home

So you’ve decided to list your property. Congratulations! Right now is a great time to get your home listed and shown by as many buyers as possible. Prices are starting to rise but so are interest rates and there are more buyers jumping on the market right now than ever before. Prices are going to slightly increase over the next 6 to 8 months so now is a good time to list your property with a wide variety of buyers currently looking.

So how do you get more buyers How to Get More Buyers Interested in Your Homeinterested in your property versus your competition’s?

First, you need to know your competition. If you don’t know who you’re competing with it’s hard to compete at all. Find other homes in your neighborhood or community that might be priced similar to what yours will be listed for. If you’re looking at a lot of foreclosures and short sales that may be vacant or run down, it may be easy to compete with a well-staged home. But if you’re competing with other owner/sellers that are also staging and updating their home you need to know how to compete.

Price your home lower than your lowest competition. Find the features that your home has that others may not and then price your home accordingly. Of course, a Northern Virginia real estate agent that specializes in listing and staging properties can obviously help price the home correctly from the beginning. If you price a comparative home 10% lower than your competition and you are offering a decent, move-in ready home, chances are you’ll get an offer quickly. And here’s where the risk needs to happen; if you price your home 10% lower than your competitor you may receive multiple offers in which case, you may even receive offers much higher than the amount at which you wanted to list in the beginning. Of course, this is a risk, but pricing your home low, staging properly, and keeping the home looking nice throughout the listing process means more buyers will jump on a home quickly and compete for the best price.

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Each home is different and while you cannot change location or layout you can change the design of the home. You might even spend the extra money and hire a professional stager, even just for a consultation. They can offer tips and suggestions on your particular layout and floor plan, and you might be surprised at what you can do with the pieces you already own. Removing a lot of items and clutter even from drawers, pantries, and closets, makes the entire home seem much more open. Fresh flowers or even fresh greens in bathrooms, on nightstands beside the bed, in the kitchen or dining room table add a fresh flair and clean sense to the room.

Call me today and let’s find out how we can get more offers on the table, more buyers through your home, and get your Pooler Georgia home sold quickly and efficiently.

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