5 Essential Questions for Home Sellers

Is it really time to sell your house? Have you found another house? Another job? Another family? Okay, that last one was a little inappropriate, but you never know… people get married, get divorced, kids move out or people have babies.  So your family does change over time and you may need to upsize or downsize. If selling your home is on the forefront on your mind, here are 5 essential questions you should be asking yourself.

#1. Why now?5 Essential Questions for Home Sellers

Is now a good time to be moving? Does the market support the sale of my home or is it more of a buyers market? Are there a lot of homes on the market? These are things to discuss and discover to find out if now is the best time. Would waiting three months or six months be better? What kind of return are you getting if you sell now? An experienced and seasoned real estate agent can answer all of these questions with you depending on where you are and how quickly you want to sell.

#2. What’s next?

Do you have a plan after you sell your house? Do you know where you will be moving? Who is involved in the move and you have enough funds for the move? Moving and transporting all of your stuff to another location can be expensive so it’s important to have your next plan of action lined up and prepared.

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#3. Who’s going to buy it?

Is the market set up for sellers or buyers? What type of buyer do you see purchasing your home? Have you prepared your home to attract real estate buyers like yourself but fell in love with the home in the first place? It’s important to know your target audience is you can plan and prepare your home for that type of buyer. Again, asking your real estate agent about what type of buyers are out there is essential in understanding how to market and stage your home.

#4. What do you see a successful sale looking like?

How much profit do you need from the sale of your home? Do you need to cover a certain amount for your own mortgage? Are you looking to put equity down on a new home? Find out all the reasons you are selling and what you need from the sale in order for that to be a success, and then don’t forget to communicate these needs with your real estate agent. Their ultimate goal will be to help you achieve that end result.

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#5. Who will you choose for this success?

Choosing the right real estate agent is also essential in getting the home sold in the profits and terms you want. This is not the time to use a friend’s neighbor just because they are trying to get started in real estate. Now is the time for an experienced agent that knows not only the market but the buyers in the area as well. Choose someone that doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, but makes an aggressive move to get you what you want.

If you’re ready to sell, we have agents that specialize in communities and cities all over Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. Call us today to learn more and to ask your own questions!

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