Crucial Points to Remember When Preparing to List

Preparing to Sell your Home – and things you should remember

Preparations to sell a home aren’t always easy tasks. Unfortunately selling a home isn’t as simple as popping up a For Sale sign in the front yard and accepting and offer. Before you agree to list your house with an agent, consider doing a few things on your own to help your sale not only be successful for to also run efficiently and smoothly. Here are a few different things to consider and help prepare you for your sale.Crucial Points to Remember When Preparing to List

HOA-If you are part of an HOA (Home Owner’s Association) make sure to have a list of the rules and regulations handy for any potential buyers so that they can be aware and informed of the communities upkeep. Often times, buyers prefer HOA neighborhoods because they guarantee that the neighborhood will be maintained and remain in good condition even years down the road, by providing any and all HOA information you could end up getting more buyers.

Warranty-Often with improvements come warranties. If you have updated anything in your home that came with a warranty make sure to gather all the warranty information and keep in neatly in a binder for potential buyers to view. For example: If you replaced your roof during your ownership and it has a 25-year warranty, print that paperwork and have it available for viewing and review in your “warranty binder.” Another example would be updates to any windows in your home as these often come with some sort of a warranty as well. Think of everything including any kitchen appliances.

Living Outdoors-If there are any specific outdoor features in your home such as a pool, irrigation systems, gardens, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, extensive landscaping, etc. be sure to give this information to your realtor so they can use these features to excite buyers and create a bullet list of features that are specific to your home.

Walk the House and make a Brag Sheet-If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, walk through each room with a pen and paper to jog your memory. While walking through each room jot down any and all repairs or upgrades that have been completed in that room during your ownership. After walking the house organize the upgrades and compile a “Brag Sheet” to present to buyers as well as any and all insurance claims that may have been completed. Your Brag Sheet can be used to easily brag about your home and show potential buyers all the work that has been completed.

By taking the extra time to gather things and prepare both yourself as well as your home to put on the market, your selling process will run much smoother. Selling your home is no easy task, however, with the right preparations and the right real estate agent the sale of your home will be a breeze. One of the biggest things to remember is how you felt when you originally bought your home. Think of all the questions you had, the information you were given and the different features and amenities that drew you to your house in the first place. By remembering these you can also pass them along to the potential homebuyers. Imagine yourself in their shoes and make sure to provide as much information as possible.  By tackling some of these selling preparations you will more confident than ever and ready to take on your new adventure leaving your old home in the past.

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