How Listing Videos Help Sell Homes

How Listing Videos Help Sell Homes

We live in a digital age and so many things in our work and personal lives are done with the use of computers and over the internet. When people search for homes they begin their search on the internet. Research has shown that people shopping for homes actually download home search apps to their phone and the average person will spend about 45 minutes per session searching for potential homes on those apps.

With so much of the home listing and searching process being conducted on the internet listing online is important. It is not just that a home is listed online, but also the method in which it is listed that will get a home sold.

There is much more to listing a home on the internet than simply taking pictures, sticking it on the MLS, and finding the right buyer. Online listings get more traffic/views/attention with high quality main listing photos and the right amount of high-quality photos to show points of interest in the home. Bad photos, too many photos of the same room, too many photos in general, photos of obscure objects/angles, not enough descriptive detail are all things that can cause a home buyer to move on to the next listing without a second glance.

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With all of the competition and tricks to posting a home online having a listing video can give your home that extra bit of oomph to put it over the top. A well-done video will get even more attention from people shopping for homes on the internet. A video gives a buyer a chance to see the home a little more clearly than a still picture will allow. In some cases, buyers have fallen in love with homes by watching a listing video and wanted to put in an offer before physically seeing the home.

As with traditional online listings, the quality of a listing video does matter. If a Realtor says they offer video listing services ask to see some videos of homes they currently have listed. A well-done video will give a potential buyer a virtual walking tour and plenty of information about each room in the home. Be sure that the videos your Realtor is producing are of great quality and not poorly done.

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