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Questions to Ask a Listing Agent

Ask if this is their full-time job. Now, while being a part-time real estate agent is not a bad thing, you do want to understand the availability of having a full-time agent. If this is their full-time job, you know that they will be working on real estate most of the time. The issue comes up with a potential buyer at a real estate agent is unavailable, this could be a potential risk for losing the sale.

How much commission will you receive? The standard across the board is 6% for the sale of a home however, this can be negotiated. Let’s say the listing agent is also helping you buy a home within the same area or city. You can negotiate that if the listing agent drops the commission down to 2% (with a 4% to the buyer’s agent) that they will get the full 3% or more on the next house. These are different ways you can negotiate but the standard is 3% for the buyer’s agent and 3% for the listing agent, usually split equally. Also, depending on the price of the house, commissions can be split over a certain sales price. This might seem like a lot but remember, this real estate agent is working for at least a month and putting in dozens if not hundreds of hours of work, their own time, marketing dollars, and energy to get your home sold.

Last question, will you be taking any vacations this year? Of course, everyone needs days off, but if the real estate agent is planning on listing your property and then taking off to Cancun for three weeks, this might not be the right agent at this time. You want to make sure that they are available for you throughout the sale.

We want to the sale of your property to be efficient, priced well, and happen quickly. Give us a call and feel free to ask if any of these questions. Because we know the Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC area we can help competitively price your home and offer tips and suggestions to getting it sold quickly to the right buyer.

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