5 Things You’re Probably Not Doing If You Want to Sell

5 Things You're Probably Not Doing If You Want to Sell

It’s almost a new year. 2017 is just a day away. You might be thinking about selling OR maybe you’ve been on the market for a while with no bites. Think you’ve tried everything? Maybe… but maybe you’re missing a key component to getting your house sold. Whether you think you’ve tried it all or not, it won’t hurt to take a look at these five things to make sure you’ve really done all you can to get your house sold.

#1. You’ve really listened to your agent when it comes to staging

As a real estate professional it is our duty and job to help you stage and prepare your home so that you get the maximum amount of buyers through the door and potential offers on the table. Did your agent tell you to fix that leaky faucet? What about that squeaky door? Are there items that you know you should have fixed but have tried to hold off on in case the inspection report said you didn’t have to? Buyers notice all of these little things, and if there are minor issues that didn’t get taken care of, buyers tend to think there’s something even bigger that might be of concern to them. Listen to your agent when it comes to repairing small things and fixing the house the way it should be.

#2. You’re reasonable and flexible with buyers.

Remember, buyers simply want the best deal for the best house. They’re not trying to undercut you or insult you, but just like you, they want a great deal. Try to be flexible and reasonable, which doesn’t mean giving into all of their requests, but professionally and appropriately negotiating so that it is a win-win for both.

#3. You’ve price it where it should be.

Your real estate agent probably gave you a good starting point for your house, but you think your house is worth more. Regardless of what your agent has said you’ve probably priced it higher than what is appropriate for the market, which means you’re not getting the right buyers in the doorand your home is not getting the attention it needs. Sure, we all would like more money out of the sale of our house, but if the market cannot handle it, you’ll sit on the market far longer than expected and probably drop your price lower than where it would’ve sold in the beginning.

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#4. You’ve Kept up with the staging.

Buyers want to see it staged home at all times and if you sat on the market longer than expected, you’ve probably gotten lax with your staging and cleaning skills. “It’s okay if there are a few more items on the counter than originally staged.” But remember, buyers that have never seen your house before are looking at it for the first time, and if they see a dirty house, cluttered rooms, and “lived in” environment, they won’t get that fresh, newly staged feeling. Try to keep the house is clean as possible and capable of a 30-minute cleanup at all times; this includes children’s rooms and toy rooms. Yes, this can be a hassle and a major inconvenience, but the better you keep the home staged, the quicker you will have an offer on the table so that you can go back to your normal way of life.

#5. You’ve taken the market into account.

If you’re trying to sell this time of year, just understand that there are fewer buyers on the market and less aggressive buyers. There are more buyers in the spring and summer but, there are also a lot more homes on the market, so your competition is greatly increased. You may not get a lot of buyers through the door, but the ones that are looking are pretty serious at this time of year. Have to take this into consideration. Don’t yell at your real estate agent because you only had to buyers in the house over the course of a week; one of those two buyers could be extremely interested in your house. And remember, it only takes one buyer. Make sure you are showcasing your house to the best of its ability and pricing it right so that you attract that one buyer and get the house sold.

If you’re ready to get started by staging and properly preparing your house for sale and pricing it correctly, contact our office today. We know the market and the individual neighborhoods throughout the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland area and have an agent that specifically can help you price and sell your home quickly and efficiently.

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